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In Search of Secret of Samurai Sword November 13, 2008

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Last night I watch an interesting documentary presented by PBS NOVA , “In Search of Secret of Samurai Sword”. Many people think sword or “刀” in Japanese is a killing tool and not fascinating but things has two sides same as sword itself , one side sharp one side dull. Blacksmith dedicates himself to forge a great sword from generation to generation. The purpose of sword usage has change by the time. Nowadays , he forges the sword in term of art but still keep it’s strength and sharpness.

Well, if you start with iron and then add a little bit of carbon, you get steel. Carbon gives the iron much more strength than it would have by itself. And you can add other things. For instance, if you add chromium atoms, you create stainless steel, and the presence of chromium gives it this ability to resist rusting. It is a little bit like being in a kitchen and adjusting the recipe by adding a pinch of salt, or maybe saying, “This could really use just a hint of lemon,” and somehow that little bit really changes the taste of the food.

たまはがね is a fine furnished metal for sword forging.


One Response to “In Search of Secret of Samurai Sword”

  1. nanaari Says:

    Forging techniques involve several processes! Those are all found by the human’s continuous efforts to make iron stronger and beautiful. I am impressed. This can be worthwhile to be told this coming Saturday to our blacksmith friend. He will be impressed.

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