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What is Aso doing November 13, 2008

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Sixty-three percent of voters think Prime Minister Taro Aso’s plan to hand out cash benefits to individual households to bolster the economy is an unnecessary policy, according to an Asahi Shimbun survey.

This is the most extreme plan I have ever seen in last 24 years. What current Japanese gorverment expect from this cash handouts in return , or it just another huge mistake. This plan need around 2 trillion yen to be handed out as cash benefits to all households by the end of March.

“If some people say they don’t need (the money), or won’t bother to pick it up, that’s fine. It means that more money can be used for other purposes,” Aso told news reporters.

It sounds like a donation to people and gorverment is so generous. Come to think of it , there are pros and cons in this kamikaze plan. This cash handouts may boost up economics if people spend it in daily life or purchase something they want but if they take this money and ignore for extra spending from daily expense.  Not only keep economics stands on the same poor point but also getting weak. In the other point of view , gorverment is spending national budget in unappropriated purpose , buying people vote in advance before next election same as what Thai’s Taksin did. In this point of view no one can help but only voters who has right to give power to appropriated representative.

I hope voters will not be fooled by this Kamikaze plan. This time it might not a wind of god.


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